podcast Production

From content strategy and producing to technical direction and marketing, work with us on the whole podcast production shebang or select a standalone service for help where you need it most.

podcast production

You bring the industry expertise,

we’ll take care of the rest.

Podcasts are a powerful medium to increase brand awareness and build a meaningful connection with your audience. As podcast production specialists in Melbourne, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire creative process to help you launch a new podcast series or elevate an existing one.

With over 15 years of experience delivering high-end audio and video productions, we leverage our technical and storytelling expertise to craft, execute, and amplify compelling podcast projects with broadcast-quality production value. As trends evolve, we offer ongoing support and growth strategies to ensure long-term success and create a lasting impression on your listeners.

We offer recording facilities at our studio in Melbourne or can work on location with a fully-mobile setup in an office or set of your choice. Our flexible solutions mean we can work with clients Australia-wide.

 The go-to full service podcast production agency in Melbourne!


Check out our latest work

To coincide with the release of her new book, Writing Well and Being Well for Your PhD and Beyond – How to Cultivate a Strong and Sustainable Writing Practice for Life, we worked closely with Dr Katherine Firth to record a podcast series.

Breaking down the key action points from the book into snackable content grabs, the podcast episodes serve as a complementary tool for the reader, providing motivation and inspiration for a productive academic writing session.  

A lovely, positive and stress free experience, with a great quality product. A real pleasure to work with.

Dr Katherine Firth

Author, Writing Well and Being Well for Your PhD and Beyond

Versatile Video Podcasts

Why stop at audio? Integrating a video element into your podcast production is the most effective way to utilise platforms such as social media channels and YouTube to amplify your content.

Additional benefits of video podcast productions:

  • Show slides/video/images
  • Live streaming with Q&A
  • Bring in remote guests

We understand the standard desk, headphones and microphone look is not for everyone and can work closely with you and your team to achieve a visual aesthetic that aligns with your brand’s identity and corporate image.

Three great reasons why your podcast production needs video

Podcasting has become a popular medium for people and brands to share their expertise, stories, and insights. However, in the crowded digital landscape, it can be challenging to stand out and reach a wider audience. That’s where video can generate a significant impact...

End-to-end podcast production services

podcast Strategy & Planning

What’s it all about? We collaborate with you to understand the vision and goals for your podcast and then work to create a strategic plan for success including content ideas, target audiences and crafting engaging stories to connect with your listeners. 

recording, editing & post-production

When it comes to podcasting, sound & picture quality is crucial for success…because no one likes crackly audio or jerky video! Whether you’re recording with us in-person or remotely, we utilise broadcast quality gear and editing tools to ensure your production is a success. 

Video podcasts

We love audio AND video!

Video podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and a great way to create content that can be utilised in many different ways. Increase the value each episode can bring by sharing the love across multiple platforms!

Branding & identity

Cover art, social tiles, intros/outros, photography and more. We can give your podcast the look and feel it deserves and ensure it all ties in with your current branding.

content & Campaign management

You’ve got a freshly recorded podcast, what next? We can take care of all the episode wrangling, setting up your hosting and ensure it’s amplified in all the right places. 

Analytics & optimisation

Understanding performance is important for long-term success. Our full-service podcast packages include analysis and reporting of listener data so you can refine and improve as you go. 

white label technical production services for agencies

Are you an agency or consultant with the client and content ready to go but need the help of an experienced team to ensure a polished production? Let us handle the technical side of podcasting so you don’t have to. All we require is a brief!

Cardigan Creative Podcast Packages

Batched content made easy

For episodic content like podcasts, we recommend working in batches to keep things affordable, efficient and consistent.  

This gives you the opportunity to plan in blocks and the flexibility to adapt ideas, incorporate guests over time and scale as you need.

Recordings can be completed monthly, every two months or any other cadence that works best for your business and provide you with a bank of content to last until the next session.

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