Podcasting has become a popular medium for people and brands to share their expertise, stories, and insights. However, in the crowded digital landscape, it can be challenging to stand out and reach a wider audience. That’s where video can generate a significant impact for your brand and make your investment in professional podcast production go further.

Here are three great reasons why your podcast needs to be video-first.

Expand your reach

One of the top benefits of adding video to your podcast is the opportunity to explore additional ways of sharing your content with target audiences. Uploading podcast episodes to YouTube, the largest video sharing platform in the world, is ideal to reach new audiences, promote your brand and attract new customers.

To ensure your video content is optimised for YouTube, it is crucial to consider your keywords, titles, descriptions, and tags. By using targeted keywords, you can attract new viewers interested in your topic and increase your visibility in search results.

In addition to YouTube, platforms such as Vimeo also offer great opportunities to expand your reach and engage with your audience with the added benefit of being able to host them on your website.


Video = great social content and more of it!

As video-first social networks, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are perfect tools for growing your listener base. If you’re speaking to a corporate audience, LinkedIn is a valuable option too.

By clipping up key moments from your podcast and using them as teasers and snackable content, you can hook in viewers and drive traffic to the full episode. Creating video teasers not only increases your chances of getting your content shared, but it also provides your audience with a taste of what’s to come. This type of visual storytelling is an effective way to create excitement, build anticipation, and generate interest in your podcast.

Foster connection with your audience

As humans we love seeing faces! Video allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, make them feel a part of the conversation and enhance the overall listener experience of your podcast.

Visual cues such as facial expressions, body language, and hand gestures can enhance the listener experience and create a sense of intimacy between the host and the audience. These elements allow you to showcase your personality, establish a connection with your listeners, and build a feeling of community around your brand.

Moreover, using visuals such as images and graphics can help convey your message and provide additional context to your listeners. According to research, 95% of people are more likely to retain a message when it’s delivered through video.


Let’s polish up your podcast,

or start something new!

Adding video to your podcast production is a fantastic way to expand your reach, create engaging social content, and boost connection with your audience. By optimising your video content for search engines and social media platforms, you can attract new listeners and grow your brand’s presence online. 

As podcast production specialists in Melbourne, Cardigan Creative have all the expertise to help you launch or take an existing podcast to the next level. From content strategy and producing to technical direction and marketing, work with us on the whole shebang or select a standalone service for help where you need it most. With a fully-mobile recording solution, we also work with clients Australia-wide.

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